3 wrz 2015

Only swim, swim...

drawing, 24x20

6 komentarzy:

  1. Garry Smith4/9/15

    WoW! Girl, that shit is amazing!
    I've never seen such great works!
    I'm sure that in the US you'd get great money for that!
    I'll show your blog to my friends!

    Greetings from New York City!

    1. Will Brazer4/9/15

      You were right, bro... That girl is amazing.

    2. It is very nice to hear so many kind words. I would be grateful if you recommended my blog to your friends.

  2. Claire Underwood4/9/15

    I can see a true artist here. I am speechless how talented you are, you've created something innovative and so precise. I can feel your wild imagination, and pure soul. I will make sure people in London will hear about you my love. I insist you will come to the UK one day, so we can celebrate your art. Hope to see more of your works.
    Truly your fan

    1. Than you very much, I will try to systematically post fresh illustrations. Kind regards, Rena

  3. Michelle7/9/15

    Hello Rena,

    I visit your blog by accident and I am very happy. Your paintings are of amazing! Please paint more. You are a great painter and I gess a great human. Can I show you to my friend?

    Michelle, Zimbabwe

    P.S. Sorry for my bad english